Punxsutawney Phil, I Reject You.

Six more weeks of winter?! No thanks.

Part of why I love being a New Englander is so that I can change my mind and mood along with the weather. I like the different experiences and memories each season brings, but with every year of motherhood I find myself more and more anxious for spring immediately after January.

My husband and I invested a lot into our playscape and brand new deck; complete with the cars, bikes and toys galore. As I sit here all of those treasures just continue to collect more snow.


I do not know the scientific or medical explanation behind it, but the effect of running around in the fresh air outside just cannot be duplicated by running around the house. When the kids have ample time outside they are happier, play better with each other, EAT better and Lord have mercy they SLEEP better!

Bundle them up and go in the snow, some may say. I save that for when my husband shovels and he is out there with them…it takes approximately 3 hours to get these 5 kids ready and out the door. Only to come back inside 3 minutes later. So not worth the effort.

I do love my house and they way we have built it around our children’s adventures and growing minds – i.e. my living room coffee table is actually a train table. But I am not one to sit and literally play with my kids. I ( try to) make myself as present and engaged as I can, but I do not sit down and play with pups and princesses. Yesterday for example, I was so excited to get home from work and spend time with my 3 little ones before the 2 older ones got off the bus. I almost didn’t know what to do for that hour and we pretty much ended up sitting on the floor where I served as a human jungle gym. I cherish the quality time but would have enjoyed myself much more if they were on our actual jungle gym.

Since I work, and live by school schedules, I never seem to have enough time in between all of that for outings, which only increases my impatience for Spring and outdoors.

I know there is absolutely nothing to be done except try to be patient and make the most of indoors while we count down to Spring. I do however feel better have complained to other busy moms who understand! #countdownison #ignorethegroundhog #imissyouSpring

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