Mother’s Day Fail.

I remember a year (could I have been 6 or 7, 10?) when my sisters and I didn’t get anything for my mother for Mother’s Day. No mug, no painting, no craft, no card. Worse, my Dad didn’t do anything either.  On the way to a brunch buffet, the car was quiet, tense. The feeling of guilt weighed heavily on all of us. The reality is that Mom is a fantastic mom. She should’ve received it all (breakfast in bed, flowers, jewelry and more). Instead she got a last minute breakfast date with three teary girls and a husband in the dog house.

May is hectic, chaotic. It’s hard to remember it all, but damn did we mess up that year.  It was an honest mistake that created a chasm between us.

That’s why I remind my husband (just in case).  A couple of weeks ago he said, “wow, it’s early this year.” Umm, no it’s not, and that’s why I just told you.  It’s also why  I plan a barbecue at my house so that I can celebrate my own mothers who I depend on all the time for entirely too much.

It’s also why I remind my high school students that Mother’s Day is this Sunday.

“Wait, what day?”
“This Sunday!”
“As in this Sunday or next Sunday”
“In three days!!!!!”

I hope they come through and get a card, or make a breakfast, or pick some flowers from some other person’s garden and hand-deliver them to their mom.  A little something can go a long way.

To be honest, my son already gave me his gift.  It’s perfect in every way.  It holds coffee.  It has his thumbprints on it, and thankfully his daycare workers took pity on him and ended up doing it for him (I see you teachers, I recognize that game and I am NOT judging).

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all moms.  Hope you enjoy an extra cup of coffee, an extra hour sleep or a couple extra hugs.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Fail.

  1. Reminding my students too!! All day today as they all leave my room I’ll be saying: “AND REMEMBER TO BE NICE TO YOUR MOTHERS THIS WEEKEND!!!” 😉


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