An Ode to Childcare

The necessary evil, the pain in my side.

‘Having it all’ has a price, from which we can’t hide.

Ever-changing schedules both for work and for the little ones,

Trying not to miss a meeting, Scouts or homeruns.

The cost makes me cringe and eager for the end;

Even with a nanny who I trust and consider my friend.

The post-sitter clean-up and variations on house rules;

All aspects I will not miss and makes me ready for big time schools.

My children are precious and I will not regret this time for them at home,

but the childcare I will not miss, I’m ready to exit out of this zone.

I think often of the balance and having it all.

We get to be mothers, achievers and follow Life’s path, wherever she may call.

We are superwomen and all we juggle is a wonder, to be sure.

But I will not pretend that childcare isn’t the worst, which I grumpily endure.

The sitter is late. So now I am late too. 

I am always on the clock to get running, return home and rush everything I do.

Other demands will replace it no doubt;

But childcare, you annoy me. Something I wish I could live without.

Thank you for reading and letting me get this off my chest.

Working women understand, you are the best.

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