Finding the More in the Less

This weekend I am getting some one on one time with my youngest, who in a month will become a big brother for the first time. My husband and daughter will be traveling and that leaves me three days with a toddler boy named John John.

See, I never actually have alone time with him. He came just sixteen months after Lucy and although I nursed him like I did with her he rarely ever got me all to myself.

Even now, when we get home from school or wake up early on the weekends I am constantly being pulled to read books, make crafts and practice letters (all of which John has ZERO interest in). I make time to crash cars and do Legos and dance like he wants, but it’s never uninterrupted .  I know so many of us feel this tug on a daily basis.

So when I came home from work today I was actually nervous. There were five hours until bedtime (yes I calculated it in my head). How was I going to “fill” the time? Without taking a break to color or read Fancy Nancy books what was I going to do?  What does a boy mom do when there isn’t another girl around to buffer?

He was tired after a long day with Nana, which always makes for three-year old fun, but after a short time I found myself not looking at the clock.  We did our usual circuit – cars, magnets, puzzles, books, dinner and bath.  Yet because I wasn’t being pulled to pick out pjs for one while drying another I was able to enjoy it a bit more.  In fact, when you only have to make dinner and tomorrow’s lunch for one the whole process is pretty  painless.

Reading at night usually starts with a short tussle over who gets to sit next to me and which book I start with,…

But not tonight.

We read way too many Blaze and the Monster Machine books (because one is too many and I had to do five), but it was quiet, focused and filled with snuggles.  Heck, instead of leaving right before he fell asleep I fell asleep with him too.  Of course I woke up, realized, got up, cleaned the messes that only a three year old boy can create and sat down to do this,  but what a blissful ten minutes it was.


Hurry back Lucy (oh and hubby) but for now I’m ok appreciating the time with my youngest before he becomes my middle.


Hoping all our readers enjoy a healthy, happy holiday season.  Whether it’s filling your house with all your loved ones or taking the time, like me, to enjoy one at a time I hope that everyone finds joy.


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