Goddess Gallery

Did you catch our Goddess Gathering blog post? If not, check it out!

Why did we create a Goddess Gallery?

Moms are beautiful, that’s why. In a culture that praises having a thin body above all else, we’ve got to do something to stop the madness. At CT Working Moms, we believe in being REAL. We are real women, real working mommas and we’ve got REAL bodies. It’s so easy to feel bad about ourselves when we see articles about celebs who within a few weeks of giving birth look like they never even gave birth in the first place – flat tummy’s, no stretch marks – I mean REALLY? That is just not reality.

In order to fight back against these unattainable body image ideals, let’s be open with each other about what our postpartum bellies/bodies look like. Snap a photo of yourself in a black sports bra with black yoga pants and send it in to us! We will never post anyone’s names with the photos. It’s really important that you send a full body photo – showing just our bellies really takes away from our overall beauty!

And if you are inspired by our Goddess Gathering post– invite your fellow mom pals over and snap some group shots! Send those to us as well.

Snap a photo and email it to michelle@ctworkingmoms.com for inclusion.

NOTE: by submitting a photo you are agreeing to allowing us to post your photo here on our website. Your photo will become property of CT Working Moms.com.

Our Goddess Gallery:

[oqeygallery id=2]

The ORIGINAL CT Working Moms Goddess Gathering:

(make sure your speakers are on!)

[oqeygallery id=1]


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