Sometimes You Need to Dance in the Rain

Spontaneity and flexibility do not always come very easily for me. If you only knew what is involved when I decide to be “spontaneous” you would laugh because when I say “spontaneous” what I mean is that I’ve attempted to mentally calculate every possible outcome based on my options, and have made an imaginary list of pros and cons, all while being on the verge of a… Read More Sometimes You Need to Dance in the Rain

Climb That Mountain!

“I can do it myself!” is a phrase I hear A LOT from my four-year-old daughter. She usually wants to do e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g herself without any help be it anything from pouring her own milk to picking out her clothes for the day and anything else in between. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to accept that she is becoming so grown up and that… Read More Climb That Mountain!

What’s The Rush?

“Ugh. I just can’t wait until we are past this stage.”  These are the words that my husband and I have been muttering quite a bit lately. Especially when our youngest wakes up in the middle of the night, crying until we cave in (which I’ll admit, doesn’t take long) and bring her into bed with us. Or when our four-year… Read More What’s The Rush?