Potty Training Diaries…Continued

It’s 6:30PM and I’m standing in my upstairs bathroom holding my sons hands as he bellows, “Ouchyyyyyy”. Then, out it comes…four horse sized sh*ts right onto our bathroom floor. And this is a good thing!

As I mentioned in my last post, pooping is an issue for my 2 and a half year old. He has totally nailed the peeing and is actually 100% out of diapers, sleeping through the night and waking up dry. Woohoo! But, this pooping thing got to a breaking point last week. To catch you up, Don hated pooping on the toilet which led him to holding it and eventual constipation.

I tried having special poop toys to get him to sit on the potty. We started with coloring which ended up being more coloring than pooping. Don continued to hold his poop and his constipation got real bad. He would pace around, yelling “Ouchyyyyyy”, complaining that his butt hurt. I tried giving him raisins and pears, but then this past week I got a call from his day care that Don had been rolling around on the floor moaning and wouldn’t stop crying because of the pain in his butt (no pun intended). Off to the daycare I ran. That evening Don gave birth to an adult-fist-sized poop.

That was it, the next day I called the pediatrician to consult the advice nurse. I was advised to buy  miralax. The nurse told me that I should give Don a little bit of miralax (a cap full) once a day mixed in juice until his pooping got back on a normal pattern. She said that I should halt the potty training as it pertains to the pooping until Don stops associating pooping on the potty with the excruciating pain.

Fine by me. Anything to stop him from experiencing horrible pain. And so began poops in the underwear, a poop in the upstairs hallway and tonight…poop on the bathroom floor! So you see why I was excited that he at least made it to the right room.

Luckily he’s getting back to a daily poop routine and they’re a lot less hard (wow…way too much detail). I think that Don is the type of guy who will want to use the potty sooner than later so I’m hoping this going on the floor thing doesn’t last too long.

A  question for the readers out there…I’m totally ok with calling a butt a butt but am getting the feeling that “bottom”is the more socially acceptable term. What’s the deal with that? Am I being offensive by having Don refer to his butt as a butt?

8 thoughts on “Potty Training Diaries…Continued

  1. Christina- daycare didn’t like the idea of pull ups. They saw that as a step backwards. I sent Don with two pairs of underwear, pants and socks each day (sometimes he would pee when he pooped and get his socks wet). I definitely had ALOT of laundry, but like with any phase, he is past it and now it just seems funny. Good luck!!


  2. Booty was fully acceptable for my now 4 yr old girl until recently. It was cute to sing “Shake, Shake, Shake.. Shake, shake, shake… Shake yo booty… Shake yo booty” when she was like 2 and she would dance. But since she started school this past fall the word has taken on a teasing tone. For example, “Mom, you have a big booty” accompanied by giggling and pointing. So, I finally told her I didn’t like that word anymore and said from now on we are calling it a “behind”. So now she corrects everyone, even me, when we use butt or booty. “No, its my behind,” she reminds us. Funny, how often that part of the body gets referred to. I never noticed until I became a mom. Good luck with the pooping!


  3. THIS IS MY LIFE!!! No joke. Nate has this exact same problem (if he finds this blog and post in high school he might kill me). But yes. Right down to the Miralax this IS my life. We had an entire Christmas dinner this year where he threw himself on the floor and whined “my bum hurrrrrts I have so many poops in meeeeee!” (note- we call it a “bum”..that works here). We have to go for the Miralax from time to time and give him lots of dried fruit and whole grains. You have my sympathies.


  4. I grew up with “tushy”. Every family has its words…embrace them. Just an aside, I trained both my girls with a star chart. We learned to count and the days of the week from the monthly calendar that I posted near the toilet. When they peed, they got a star on that day- 2 for a poop. 10 stars and they got a toy – beanie babies for one and then dinosaurs for the other (very different children). Eventually they went on the potty for the stars….then we moved it to 20 for a toy. Your blog is hysterical. I am sure it helps many and makes those who have been through it laugh. 🙂


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