Cloth Diapers and Daycare – My Problem

We are a cloth diapering family. My youngest child Addison is in cloth full time while my middle son Benjamin is only in them part time. Now I know it sounds strange because I have never heard of a part time cloth diapering mom. Unfortunately for me our daycare isn’t interested in learning about cloth diapers so I have to buy a pack of disposable diapers to send to school with Ben every couple weeks.

The entire reason I switched over to cloth was based on money. Diapers are freaking expensive and the math is killing me!

A pack of diapers that will last us two weeks for daycare cost roughly $20.
That is on top of the price we pay for just 12 hours a week for the un-potty trained toddler.
On top of the amount of money I put into school lunch.
All this just so I can have a little bit of piece and quiet the mornings my oldest son is in pre-school to get some work done.

In the end I am adding about $60-$80 a month in all the extra expenses, not including tuition.

I wish I could find a daycare center in my town that would even consider taking part in our cloth diapering process because I feel so defeated by the whole situation. Trying so desperately to save money and cut back only to have the diaper bill thrown right back into the mix.

This is where I ask for input from any other working mothers out there who…

1) Use Daycare
2) Cloth Diaper

What do you do?
Do you have a daycare center that works with you?
Do you just deal with the whole disposable diaper thing?

How do you handle it?

6 thoughts on “Cloth Diapers and Daycare – My Problem

  1. Danielle, you and I are in the same boat. We cloth diapered exclusively when Mackenzie was born, and when I started at Goddard School they simply said they do not accept cloth, period. So we became the elusive part-time cloth diapering parents you referenced … until we gave up and went full-time with sposies. 😦 I think we had detergent build up that made the cloth begin to leak, and because I’ve never been diligent with laundry and other household stuff I just gave up. I still feel guilty about it, and the money we’re wasting on stupid Seventh Generation diapers (and now I hear they are not much better than other brands anyway, chemical wise). Maybe with this new baby I will prepare ahead by stripping with vinegar and getting a system together. But with using disposables all day at the daycare it is just so tempting to keep doing that. Oh the guilt!


  2. I don’t use cloth diapers or a day care center but I’m shocked to learn that any facility for kids isn’t accommodating the various parenting decisions their clients make. Maybe I assumed cloth diapering was more common than it is?


  3. Thanks for bringing this up Danielle! I was open to cloth diapers originally but we knew we wanted to use an at-home daycare provider and it didn’t seem like anyone would be happy if we went that route…


  4. I live in NY, but when I was looking for daycare centers, it was a dealbreaker for me if they would not use CDs. I didn’t want to invest in all those diapers just to have to buy disposables for daycare. None of the daycares I visited had ever used them before, but they were all open to learning. The one we chose was great about learning how to use them, and now that my son has been there for a couple months, they actually love the diapers and said a few other parents have started asking about them! It’s really unfortunate that your daycare isn’t openminded about this. As a previous commenter said, I wonder if you could make a case for them to allow CDs based on state statutes.


  5. Danielle, you should contact the state licensing board. If it’s a licensed facility and the state allows cloth diapering at centers, I believe you can make the case for them to allow it at their center. I live in MA right now and work for and use a larger child care center and they allow cloth diapering…though they don’t rinse the diapers, they just put everything in a wet bag. Good luck…I didn’t realize that my center allowed it and was too chicken to ask them about it when I had my second baby. It’s something I regret not doing.


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