Magical Monday


This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* A really wonderful 50th birthday party for a Dear Friend yesterday. This woman knows how to party ~ there was a band, belly-dancing, wide-open fields and trampolines for the kids to play with, and a really great group of people. We were there all day and it was so nice to step out of our usual day and CELEBRATE!

* Belly-dancing with my Sister Friends! Nothing brings out the Goddess in a woman like belly-dancing!

* My kids were so happy to be home after a long day away.

* GORGEOUS weather! Oh, hallelujah, Spring is here to stay!!!

* I totally cleaned out my garden shed on Saturday. That place was a sty and you couldn’t even step foot in it because it was so crammed full of stuff. I love how spacious everything feels once I clean the crap out!

* That little critic in my head is losing more and more power as I continue to affirm “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself.” It’s amazing to realize how many thoughts I DON’T have when that critic is silenced. Seriously, I’m talking less and thinking less ~ both an amazing freedom!

* My two-year-old is proceeding to drag the kitchen chairs into the living room as I write this. I love all the silly little things that 2 year olds do. Well…not all of the silly things, but when I can be in the moment, their antics are pretty darn cute, even when infuriating.

* Experimenting with new sandwiches ~ hubby and I took french baguettes, split them open and on one we put olive oil, gruyere cheese, olives, tomato, green pepper (yum!) and on the other one we put brie, candied pecans, green apple and spring greens (double yum!).  New fav’s!

* Forrest Gump! It was on last night after we got home and it’s always a must-see for hubby and me.

* Pizza!

* Freshly made grapefruit juice! (One of my fav’s because not everyone in my family likes it and I get more to myself.)

* My homeschool group. We’re a pretty awesome group of Mamas and kids. LOVE my homeschool group!

* Seeing Spring spring up! Daffodils, pansies, violas! And I’m getting excited watching the clover and violets sprouting. I forage in my yard and put these edible greens and flowers in my smoothies. I also make red clover lemonade which is fun because it actually turns pink.

* Today. Today is good. Today I’m happy.

What are you grateful for this Magical Monday? ♥

This is my homeschool group and it's the Mamas who are wearing wings.
This is my homeschool group and it’s the Mamas who are wearing wings.


6 thoughts on “Magical Monday

  1. I love this. When you’re grateful, you remind me to be grateful too. And for that I’m grateful. Love you sister. And hopefully, spring is on its way back to us. Those early days this week were lovely. I’m thankful for the nature hike I took Zo on. She loved it more than I could have imagined.


  2. I need to know more about your wings and your red clover lemonade.

    Also – super grateful for having an awesome dinner date tonight with my daughter. Keeping the magic going from a fun, busy weekend with her and my husband. Even with all of the stuff we did, one of my favorite things was walking around the yard and pointing out what all of the budding flowers and bushes are and what color their blooms will be!

    Have a great week, Kate!


  3. I love love love Magical Mondays! That party sounds WONDERFUL! So glad you’re doing so well Kate.

    My magic:
    I took Lills to the farm yesterday for the first time since last year. She had an absolute blast feeding the goats and didn’t want to leave. It was wonderful to just sit in the field and watch her play with the goats. The weather was just perfect last night.

    Hubby and I are getting more serious about putting a deck on our house. We don’t really have the money but we both want to be able to enjoy our backyard more and our current complete LACK of a deck is a road block. So we’re exploring ways to make this happen. I really hope it does!


    1. Sending SO MUCH deck energy and resources your way!! Go for it and the money will show up! Your day at the farm sounds so peaceful ~ little kids with animals is just pure awesomeness. ♥


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