5 Things Bringing Me Joy

Here’s 5 things bringing me joy – hoping one of them will bring one of you some joy, too.

    1. I belong to a lot of Down syndrome Facebook boards for parents. Every so often, a terrified expecting mother will join and ask what it’s REALLY like; if she should keep her baby. The thread of responses that ensues are always my favorite thing on the internet. Sometimes we don’t find out what happens but in last weekend’s thread, the mom came back and said now she will continue her pregnancy.  If I accomplish nothing else this entire year, I’ll feel good knowing I’m part of a community that literally saved a life.
    2. Abby’s therapist came up with a new way to teach her how to understand what she’s reading that they are going to try at summer school. Seeing them think outside of the box for her (and involving me in their ideas) gets an A+++ from me. Even if it doesn’t end up working for Abs, maybe it will work for another kid. Keep up the good work, ladies.
    3. I was one of like 3% of the employees at my company working Monday the 3rd.  I cleaned up so much of my email.  It was glorious.
    4. Smith & Cult nail polish.  It stays on!  I freaking love it.
    5. My kids.  She’s now 7 and he’s about to turn 4 and they are at such a fun age.  They’ll entertain eachother for a solid half hour, giggling their little heads off, before we have to intervene because one of them has accidentally impaled themselves.  Not bad.


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