End of Summer Blues

Oh boy.  I’ve got the end of summer blues and I’ve got them bad.  Yesterday my family re-entered our lives (well, our summer lives) after eight glorious days of escape in Cape Cod.  Since we left on July 29th, one of the first things I did yesterday (after hitting the grocery store HARD having not one juice box or snack in the house–unacceptable for three kids home from school), was flip my family’s wall calendar to August. As I do every month, I filled in doctor appointments, lessons, and other important events onto the calendar. The last two items I entered: “Sara’s First Day of School”, “Girls’ First Day of School”. My happy post-vacation buzz immediately vanished.

I go back to work in two and a half weeks.  The kids go back a week later. That’s it folks. We’re done. Our lovely endless amazing summer is done. Yes, I know. You can get a lot done in two and a half weeks.  A two week vacation to any other working mother is heaven! But let’s face it, everyone.  The last couple of weeks before school starts is filled with back-to-school shopping, signing up for and trying out for fall sports, looking for and completing the summer math and reading packets, and squeezing in any last activity or project that was on that overly ambitions “Summer Bucket List” we made.  Those days will also be filled with anxiety, tears, and wine (at least on my part). Gone is the feeling of endless time off.  Gone is the understanding that a lazy day doing nothing is fine! “We’ve got ALL SUMMER!”, we would shout confidently the first week of July.  It’s gone.

So I spent the rest of yesterday moping around the house and then I poured a big glass of wine and scrolled through the thousands of pictures I took this summer. I smiled looking at all of the fun we had and I shed a few tears thinking about all of the things I wanted to do that didn’t get done and all of the things I wish we could still do for fun. I spent about thirty seconds trying to drum up some excitement for future fall fun and gave up. I hate fall.  Fall is just pre-winter in my brain and its chilly air and beautiful foliage is just a constant reminder that summer is over. I then watched a terribly upsetting episode of Ray Donovan on Showtime and went to bed.

Around 3 AM my littlest crawled into my bed. As I stared at the ceiling waiting to fall back to sleep with a child heavy on my arm who was also making me sweaty, I started to come around a little bit. Yes, summer is essentially over BUT we still have a little time left AND getting back into the swing of school and work isn’t the end of the world.  In fact, we’ve gotten a bit lazy and it’s time to get some spunk and energy back.

The first thing I did this morning (after brewing a very large cup of coffee thanks to my nighttime visitor), was make a list.  I love lists and this one gave me the motivation I need to push past these end of summer blues and get moving.  First thing was to write this post. CHECK! This lousy post isn’t my best but here it is. Thanks for reading.  The rest of my list is filled with a few fun activities I know we can get in, tasks related to my two August babies’ birthdays, a couple of home related projects that I must get done or my husband will say “I TOLD you this wouldn’t get done” and I can’t have that, and then things we just are going to have to do to get ready for a new school year.  I’ve got two and a half weeks to get it all done so, challenge accepted!

I’m not going to be able to shake these end of summer blues completely. Summer is my favorite time of year and I’m so sad this one is coming to a close. I can take comfort, however, in the memories we made and I know another blissful summer will be here again after one quick trip around the sun. In the meantime, whenever I’m feeling particularly blue, I’ll look at pictures like this one. My kids had a wonderful summer and that’s really what it’s all about.

Pure joy. Photo Credit Dawn Chesanow Photo Owned by Sara Orris




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