Who I Am

I love when fellow bloggers give us a glimpse into their lives so I thought I’d share a little about me. Since I love lists, get to know me in list form!

  1. We’ve established that I love lists. I love lists so much that each year I set a reading goal for the year and track my books read via GoodReads. Feel free to friend me on there if you love to read also! I love connecting with my friends and reading their reviews of books.
  2. My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is INFJ which apparently is rare as less than 1% of the population share this personality type. I’m very fascinated by this and I “feel” like the description of this personality type fits me to a tee. I get strong feelings and am pretty intuitive in certain situations (mostly when it comes to figuring out others) and am stubborn and loyal to a fault.
  3. Speaking of intuition, my husband and I share all sorts of people in our lives that are connected and we didn’t fully know them all until the day of our wedding. I grew up going to Lake Willoughby in Vermont with my family. Long story short, I met our Justice of the Peace through my husband’s mother and the JP happened to grow up at Lake Willoughby. Also, a family I met vacationing at Willoughby showed up to my wedding and recognized their former neighbors (who were guests of my husband). Small world! And it makes me realize that some things are meant to be.
  4. Growing up I was a big Michael Jackson fan. I was lucky enough that my first concert ever was Michael Jackson’s Bad Tour. My mom took me and a friend of her’s son was an impersonator. I was about 8 so it was neat to have girls come up to ask for pictures and autographs.
  5. I’m fascinated by true crime and love the My Favorite Murder podcast. It was something I kept to myself for a while until I confessed that side of me to a coworker and discovered she was into that podcast as well! We spent many lunches together sharing our favorite stories. It’s important to find your people.
  6. My husband jokes that I love to watch depressing movies. Case in point my last Redbox rentals: The Post, Call Me By Your Name and The Florida Project. Side note, I highly recommend them all.
  7. My movie choices may be depressing but the television shows that I watch over and over and that bring me comfort? Friends, The Office, and Gilmore Girls.
  8. Although my birthday is in January, my favorite month is May. I love Spring and May in Connecticut means that all the trees and flowers start really blooming and coming back to life. I always feel like a new person once May rolls around and I soak it all up.

Now it’s your turn!

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