Freebie Friday

We have decided that we are continuing our weekly tradition of highlighting local CT based artisans! We couldn’t be more excited about this. For the next 6 months, ALL of our giveaways are local! Remember: to try to win today’s giveaway simply leave a comment on this blog post. The contest will be open over the weekend and the winner will be selected by random on Monday morning. GO-COMMENT-WIN!

Stacey from Rockville, is donating this adorable “Jake & Finn” set! Stacey has been making something or other for as long as she can remember using any material she could get her hands on. Her grandmother taught her to knit when she was 4; when she asked her mom to teach her she said she was too young to learn. She’s quilted, painted, glued, cut, cosplayed, knit, beaded, crocheted, woven reed, sewn anything she could get a needle through. When she’s not making something she enjoys video games, her pets, reading, walks, anime, movies and coming up with new ideas to make! Check out her Etsy shop and her facebook page!

Here are Jake & Finn:

You know you want these cuties for your little one(s)! Comment away!

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