4 Randomly Unrelated Yet Awesome Things About Being the Mom of a Toddler


Our daughter has my husband’s sense of humor, which I love. She’s at a stage now where she knows how to be funny – and knows what will get us to laugh. There’s a face she makes where she scrunches her features up in a silly scowl, then opens up her eyes wide in an exaggerated surprised expression. It’s my husband’s favorite face she makes, and I agree it’s hilarious. Nora knows it’ll make us crack up every time, like in a genuine, she-really-just-made-us-laugh laugh. Not just because she did something we think is silly or cute, but because she’s truly funny. Sharing genuine laughter as a family is completely awesome.


Sure I still do my fair share of chasing my daughter, but I’m happy to be able to wear heels again on a more frequent basis. Call me practical, but have you ever tried to lug an infant carrier around in heels? Not for me. But now that I have a toddler who begs to walk on her own? Hello cute fall boots! Awesome!


We’ve always attempted to talk to Nora like an older child, when appropriate. By that I mean we didn’t use much baby talk, but used the actual words to talk about the things around her. For example she would ask for a pacifier or to nurse – no cutesy names here. I’m loving that our daughter can now understand and follow simple, multi-part requests, such as, “Please put your Popsicle stick in the garbage and grab your purple shoes; we’re going in the car.”

Knowing that she knows what I mean – awesome! Now, if only I could get her to listen…


It’s always been fun to pick out clothes for a little girl, but now more than ever my daughter’s closet is covetable. I always hesitate to buy myself new clothes (it never seems like a necessity), so making sure Nora has what she needs for the upcoming season is like a treat – selecting my very own mini me wardrobe! Not being able to fit into her adorable clothes may not be awesome, but living vicariously through her wardrobe is!

Funny girl. Photo credit C.Allard
Funny girl.
Photo credit C.Allard

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