Margaritas by the Pool

I don’t remember my own mother wading in the pool with me when I was young.  I remember swimming from sun up to sun down most summer days and playing marco polo, fishy-fishy-out-of-water and chicken.  I remember having the time of my life, but it was mostly just with my sisters, friends and cousins.

I don’t really remember my mom’s involve644BB268-E99E-47B1-8F05-6ADEB1428AB5ment because even though it was my parents who bought and maintained the pool, by the time we got it I was in the 4th grade.  So of course, she was there, I just didn’t need her to entertain me.  I didn’t need “swimmies” or excessive amount
s of sunblock.  I got out when I was hungry and found my own snack.  I could even stay in after dark (while supervised).  I was a big girl.

I got to thinking about this because recently I went on a girl’s weekend to Cape Cod. It was a big deal for me – I’ve never left my kids before (without my husband at least).  The trip was planned really well, but by someone else, so I didn’t really ever know where we were going or what we were doing. On Saturday evening we ended up at this beautiful resort.

Saying it was beautiful is an understatement. It was downright luxurious.  There were cabanas, patio bars, beautiful pools and lots of khakis, loose linen shirts and wine.  I didn’t quite fit in.

Yet, perhaps the most amazing thing I saw was a small group of moms drinking fancy cocktails on lounge chairs by the pool.  Even though it was 7:30, their kids were still in the pool, splashing, jumping, screaming and laughing.

Many of the girls on the trip were moms of toddlers.  We are in it together.  We all have wonderful, fulfilling, busy lives.  But our kids near pools?  WHAT?  They need their swim gear, a heavy white coat of sunblock, and measured snacks and drinks for breaks.  They shouldn’t jump unless we are there to catch them and if you have two toddlers?  You better have two adults.  Pools are stressful and a lot of work. It’s worth it, you know for the memories (and also the great naps).  Yet, the phrase “pool day” doesn’t usually (ok, ever) equate to margaritas and bronzer.

So yes I am years away from lounge chair margaritas, but the time it takes will make me really appreciate it right? Right?  I know I don’t want to rush through these years (they go by too fast, or so everyone you run into tells you).  But let’s be honest, it would be nice to be that mom by the pool now, particularly at that resort.

Until then it’s pool days at Memere’s (and anyone else who takes pity and sends an invite).  I’ll be bribing, coaxing and forcing my kids to wear their puddle jumpers, slathering them with sun tan lotion and getting in and out of the pool a hundred times to take breaks, dry off and eat.  Cocktails can wait, but laughs and fresh air can’t.


6 thoughts on “Margaritas by the Pool

  1. I second Elise!! My sons are 5 and 7, and this is the 2nd summer that they’ve been fine to swim while I just supervised! It’s fantastic…I still CLEARLY recall being in freezing water for hours pulling around toddlers in various floats. While I miss them being younger most of the time, I don’t miss that part even one bit. It will happen before you know it ❤


  2. The day will come and it will be glorious. GLORIOUS. I’m not trying to brag or anything, but we just got back from a week at the cape ( at the beach/pool) and I got 75% of the way through a book…one with no pictures and multiple chapters (!!!). Okay, maybe I am bragging a little


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