The Best Valentine’s Day Activity

I LOVE to make people feel loved. And when it comes to my child, I’m constantly thinking about how I can make sure she knows she is loved by me, just as she is.

Five years ago I decided to do something extra special for Valentine’s Day as a way to reinforce her positive qualities and give us a fun annual tradition that she really looks forward to.

Starting February 1st through the morning of Valentine’s Day, I tape a heart to her door after she’s gone to sleep (on the morning of V-Day I leave a little gift at the door too). The heart says something I love about her, and she wakes up in the morning excited to see what the next heart says. She loves this so much that she keeps the hearts on her door for the entire year, until it’s time to start again.


With February 1st fast approaching it’s time for me to start the prep for our family tradition. So I wanted to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past 5 years because there are definitely easier ways of doing this.

Valentine’s Day Activity Tips

  • Don’t waste time cutting out the hearts from construction paper. I did this for the first 2 years and my hearts were all different shapes and didn’t look great. Plus, it took me a lot of time to cut out 14 hearts! Just head to Michael’s or your favorite craft store (always check their website for a coupon) and get some pre-cut hearts. They come in multi color packs and this is just wayyyyy easier than all the cutting.
  • Make all 14 ahead of time. I learned this the hard way too. For the first few years I would write the heart out at night but then I had some really busy nights, or really tiring nights and this felt like a chore, which is not the point of this activity! It should be fun for everyone involved. So I always create all 14 before February 1st so then all I need to do is remember to tape one up each night.
  • You can do this activity for anyone, a partner, a parent, a loved one in a nursing home. It doesn’t have to be your child. Anyone on the receiving end of this activity will definitely have a full heart.
  • If you do make this an annual tradition, hit up the after Valentine’s Day sales at Target. You can get AWESOME stickers to decorate your hears for next year on the cheap!

Have fun! This is such a feel good project, I really look forward to it every single year. ♥


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