What Day is it Again?


We’re at that time of year. The strange amorphous time between Christmas and New Years.  A time of pjs, movies, and leftover cheese.  This time of year always feels, well, out of time.  I don’t know what day it is or overshoot lunchtime by two hours (thank goodness for cheese).  

It’s a time of missed deadlines.  You guys, this post was supposed to be up on December 28th.  Only I thought it was due December 30th.  Which I legitimately thought was today. 

It’s a time of accidents.  True story, my fridge is so full of leftovers that when I opened the door to grab cream this morning, I accidentally knocked a full pitcher of water on the kitchen floor.  (Oh well, no need to mop, right?).

It’s a time of regrets.  This time of year, I tend to look back wistfully and sigh about the missed opportunities. (My injury meant I missed out on climbing Mt. Washington for the fourth year in a row).

Instead of talking about the bad bits, I figured I’d scrap my planned post and talk about some of my good bits this year.  So, pull up a comfy chair.  Would anyone like some cheese?

  • I deepened friendships.  Vulnerability breeds intimacy.  This year I was about as vulnerable as you can get.  I made a concerted effort to really dive into conversations.  To be really open with people.  I found a certain magic happened: the more I shared, the more they shared back.
  • I started a small business!  I’ve been writing poetry for several years and have taught a class here or there but this year I joined the pandemic zoom boom and started teaching poetry through the public library system.  I started slowly but what a gift.  I’m getting paid to do something I absolutely love. 
  • I took care of me.  On my therapist’s advice, I ditched my scale.  For the first time in my adult life, I have no idea how much I weigh.  I even asked my doctor to let me turn around while they weighed me and to only mention my weight if it was a concern.  This change has been so freaking amazing.  Freeing.  Like I gave myself permission to just be.  Highly recommend.
  • I cut myself slack.  If I didn’t meet a goal this year, I acknowledged it and moved on.  There’s a saying in the hiking community that, when you have to turn back before summitting, the mountain will still be there tomorrow.  Mount Washington, I’m looking right at you.
  • I slowed way down.  Being injured taught me how to rest.  And how to take things one day (or sometimes hour or minute) at a time.  When you slow your life down, you end up experiencing it more completely (both good and bad).  There were some great moments.  A perfect sunrise.  A stellar view with Rosie.  A belly laugh.

What were some the good bits from your year?

Photo Credit: Zachary Fisk 2022

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