They Won’t Sleep In Your Bed Forever

They won’t sleep in your bed forever. 

Rest assured on the nights when you are lying awake unable to sleep as you ponder how such a tiny being can possibly take up an entire king size bed, that they won’t sleep in your bed forever. 

When you are jolted awake from a kick to the ribs so hard that only a professional soccer player should be capable of unleashing such a blow because toddlers do not sleep in normal positions like normal people…

When you are trying to sleep propped straight up so that tiny a person can find a reprieve on your chest from the relentless coughing of asthma or post nasal drip…

When you are freezing because your toddler is sleeping with their head at the foot of the bed rendering you unable to pull the blankets up without covering their tiny face…

When you are lying awake all night staring at a limp, feverish little body to make sure you don’t miss a warning sign of danger…

When the never-ending sound of teeth grinding has you ready to crawl out of your skin…

Just when you start to wonder if they are too big to still be coming into your room at night and what all of the parenting experts on social media might think of it…it will stop.

So, rest assured that they won’t sleep in your bed forever. 

The comfort you find when they crawl into your bed and nestle into the curve of your back will one-day stop.

The way your arms provide them with safety and comfort after every nightmare and during every storm as you both drift back to sleep…

The way they pop up at the first hint of sun peeking in from behind the curtain and announce that it is “good morning time…”

The way they snuggle in so close that your heart beats as one and your breathing synchronizes and for a brief moment you remember what it was like when they once lived inside of you…

…it will all come to an end one-day. 

And when it does, it will initially feel like a triumph, newfound independence for you and them, a chance to reclaim your sleep, decrease your exhaustion, and feel human again.  But soon you will realize that your little people complete you, and with each milestone that they celebrate their individuation, a little piece of you longs for the closeness that you once shared.

One day you will look back and you won’t be able to remember the last time that they were there. 

So, rest assured that they won’t sleep in your bed forever.

No, they won’t sleep in your bed forever.

They won’t always want to be that close.

And until you can rest assured, please try to just rest easy because they won’t sleep in your bed forever. 


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