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So… As many mothers of young children know, there is a period of your life when you know that you will be schlepping stuff around for a number of years. This is quite acceptable since you are now carrying diaper bags, diapers, formula or breast pumps, spit cloths, baby wipes, baby food, you name it. The bag weighs 47 pounds and you look at it as a physical workout. There is also the hauling of car seats, strollers, baby carriers and a multitude of other baby “stuff” that comes along with young children. What I wasn’t counting on was that I would be schlepping…


Oh yes young mothers! I too was under the impression that once my kids were old enough, the schlepping of all this junk would be over.


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So I might have had a little too much wine tonight. I always try to write this blog the night before it’s due because I never know when life will come forth with its little “surprises.” As I see it, there are life’s good little surprises and also life’s bad little surprises. And surprises they are!

The last few weeks have been full of them for this old lady.

There are incredibly wonderful surprises in life. One such surprise was a floral arrangement that was delivered to my house from a friend who I consider my brother by a different mother who lives in OR. It was addressed to my 96-year old mother and me and it was fabulously beautiful! (I don’t’ think that many other things in a woman’s life means more to her than receiving flowers. It’s just so wonderful!)

Hey you, You’re a good mom.

Nov 20, 2013 by

Today on Facebook a friend updated her status by saying that she wouldn’t win any Mother of the Year awards for forgetting there was a 1/2 day of school today and as a result her daughter had to go to a friend’s house off the bus.  I responded by saying that she was a good mom because she gave her daughter the tools she needed to know what to do in that situation.

We are all good moms.  We are all trying our best for our kids.  Sometimes we fail, most of the time we succeed.  As moms we put so much emphasis on our flaws.  Although isn’t that true of everything we do as women?  Something is wrong here.

I’ve been thinking a lot of this video that went viral a while back.

School Psychology Awareness Week

Nov 13, 2013 by

This week the National Association of School Psychologists  invites states around the country to proclaim it School Psychology Awareness Week.

Being that I am a school psychologist I thought I would share a little bit about what I do on any given day as our profession seems to be a mystery to many people.  Shortly after the Sandy Hook tragedy last year my stepfather sent me a long email about his concerns for the welfare of children in our schools; specifically he asked lots of questions about how best to address mental health needs.  He shared that he thought it would be best if all schools had someone on the staff that was trained to deal with mental health issues as they affect students.  I called him laughing and explaining “That’s my job.”  He’d never actually taken the time to think about what I do.

We can’t have nice things

Nov 7, 2013 by

There I was, 6:45 am in the morning in our dining room staring at the dining room table. I found myself focusing on breathing quietly while surveying the damage from our 3 year old’s pencil-carving-into-the-dining-room-table project. My wife was stunned, barely able to process as she was in “5 hours of sleep – no coffee yet” mode.

As I stood there trying to channel my own “inner orange rhino”. I had a flashback to 8 years ago when we moved into our place and shopped around for weeks trying to find dining room furniture. Prices ranged from $300 to $5,000 for a dining room table. We were trying to conceive at the time, so we knew children would be in our lives. My wife said to me “we can’t have nice things now, we have to think about what children do to things, think about spilled milk, crayons, and general child-related incidents.”

My Mommy Photo Confession

Nov 6, 2013 by

My house is lopsided.  No, not literally.  Don’t get all Leaning Tower of Pisa on me.

Since we have moved into the new second house it has become abundantly clear that I stink at being a mother.  My failings on this front are staring me in the face.  Or not, as the case may be.

I have almost no pictures of Kitten in my house.  When I was unpacking boxes of family pictures I realized that we have no framed pictures of her.  We have a large canvas print of her in the family room with one of Lovey on the opposite wall.  There’s also a family portrait from her newborn session hanging in the family room, a picture of Honey’s extended family on the refrigerator (really need to get that bad boy framed), and a picture of Lovey and Kitten-also from the newborn session-on my dresser.  That’s it.  There are also no pictures in her baby book.

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