Time goes by

Once a month, I go to the allergist for injections to help manage my seasonal allergies. I get a total of four shots every four weeks, in an effort to keep the sneezes and sniffles at bay. This routine started off as a weekly occurrence, and has stretched out as the years went by to just once a month.

It’s an odd thing, to measure the passage of time by a recurring appointment on your calendar. And yet it must happen every time now, the day before my appointment, when I look at my calendar and say to my husband, “It’s time for my shots again, already??!” It seems impossible for the days and weeks to disappear so swiftly.

This second year of my daughter’s life has gone by much faster than the first. Because she can communicate and, well, move, the days don’t seem as long because we stay BUSY. My monthly allergy appointment is one of the only things that occurs in our routine on such a regular basis, and therefore serves as a very tangible reminder of this year’s passage. As rapidly as she learns to recognize letters and colors, retains the names of family members and song lyrics, so too is the quick passing of days.

And then, this picture happens:


The hooded eyes and pouty lips…is she 21 months, or 21 years?? My little baby gave me a glimpse into her future. Ohmygosh, tweeny toddler, SLOW DOWN. As parents, we like to track the milestones our children reach, even hope for them to happen sooner – rolling over, crawling, first steps, first words – all those things we eagerly hope our babies accomplish in the first year; I’m finding that I have moments in year two where I just wish she’d stop her fast progress, or at least stall it down considerably!

Don’t blink, they say, or you’ll miss it. In my case, maybe it’s get stabbed in the arm on the regular, and you may miss it. So sweetie… stay mommy’s little girl just a little while longer, okay?

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