‘How Do You Do It?’

I’m new to the CTWM community. Even though I may only know two of you outside of the digital world, I find myself relating to you, understanding you and feeling for you in a completely real way. Motherhood is its own accomplishment, it’s a well-deserved badge of honor. A Working Mother, however, takes it to a whole new level. We somehow have to find more time, more energy and successfully do more problem-solving and multi-tasking. For a start.

How do we do that? Why do we do that? I get asked these questions ALL of the time. Having a lot of children, young ones at that, generates quite a bit of attention – everywhere and every day. Generally I don’t mind. I don’t move at a particularly fast pace with my ducklings in a row, so it’s just part of the process.

IMG_3027  I always smile and say something polite to move things along. “Stay on task to stay on time” is our motto after all. But as the realm of blogging has entered my life, I keep circling back to those questions. In true lawyer fashion, I have answered the question with another question: What else would I be doing?

My heart, soul and the air I breathe is for my children. My face hurts from smiling with pride when I think of all of their talents, quirks and beautiful qualities. But I also have a brain, passion and eagerness to use my own skills and talents. I’m an individual with a lot to offer the world, and I am fulfilled by doing that through my career.

I cannot fulfill both roles simultaneously at any given moment, but I can fulfill both roles in each day by prioritizing what is happening in the kid’s worlds and my clients’ worlds. Thankfully routine keeps things moving along pretty smoothly; although I do regularly try to rationalize my out of mommy-guilt for not having enough patience, or for not making good on my promise to build or color something…

Maybe I’ll start keeping notes on my ‘Top 5 Ways to Rationalize Your Way Out of Mommy-Guilt” for a future blog — but this one is meant to be about us Moms. What else would we be doing? We have a lot (lot) to give to this world. However profound, wonderful and truly miraculous our little kiddos are, OUR impact on the world around us is greater than just their futures. We are contributing, leading and giving in a myriad of ways ourselves. For me, that’s fulfilling and meaningful in my life.

So, I’m sticking with my answer…what else would I be doing?

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