Black Lives Matter – A Poem

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Black Lives Matter

My fellow black people are being shot down

Even though you white people do the same crimes

You are afraid that we look different

That is what we call discrimination

There once was an incident when two black men were at a Starbucks

And the waitress called 911 and said they were trespassing

If a white man did the same thing she would have done nothing

White people get privilege

Blacks get discriminated against

More of my fellow blacks are being shot to death

All you can hear is “Don’t Shoot, Don’t Shoot!”

The next thing you know they are looking at the top of a casket

Why are you shooting?

Why are you scared?

We are just people

We are all the same

We all have bones and flesh

The only difference is skin tones and beliefs

What are you afraid of?

All over the country, there are white men shooting my fellow blacks

I’m scared to even listen to the news in the mornings

The next time you go to call the cops, stop and get to know the person better

Our lives matter


By: Ramon Schreier, 12 years old

3 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter – A Poem

  1. Thank you for sharing this truth, Ramon. Your voice is powerful and the reality of racism in our country is heartbreaking and infuriating. You are right that we are all just people and it is unfair that anyone would be scared of you or feel threatened because of the color of your skin. When I see your picture and hear your words, I see a kid full of joy and honesty, who is paying attention to the world around him and the injustices in it, who is not letting us turn a blind eye to the fear and danger that we as white people allow to be perpetuated against Black people. I am glad to know you and your family are in the world, and I promise to do my part.


  2. Ramon, you are brave and insightful and I am grateful to you for sharing this truth. And I am committed to using MY white privilege to break down all the barriers I can because you, your family, no person should have to live in fear simply because they exist. Thank you. Xo


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