One Dozen Reasons Vacations with an Only are Grand

A popular worry in only-child families is what to do about vacations. I mean, will the kid be spreading news of the #worsttimeever without a similar-ager to share in the memory-making? Actually, no. Here are one dozen reasons to like traveling as a one-child family. 1. When you need to fly, or are booking lodging that charges per person, or getting those amusement park tickets or simply dining out, having three instead of four or more saves a lot of moolah (extra away day, anyone?). 2. When booking that Coastal Maine motel with the breathtaking ocean view a little...

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Tethered to the House

About eight weeks ago, I was in one of “those moods.” You know the feeling – wondering if anyone would clean the toilets if I didn’t, or if my middle schooler would ever shower if my husband were in charge. Would anyone come looking for clean underpants if I wasn’t here? Can I just get off this freaking treadmill for a minute? I describe this as feeling “tethered to the house,” and my husband knows that when I use these words, he should sit down and listen, which he did. But this time it was different. This time, I...

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A Day in the Life FAQs: Anissa Berasi

6:00 am – Alarm sounds 6:09 am – Snooze 6:18 am – Snooze 6:27 am – Why didn’t I get up 27 minutes ago? I could have squeezed in a work out. 6:28 am – What time did Eliza sneak in here? How does a three year old manage to take up so much room in a king sized bed? 6:29 am – Was the Temperpedic mattress a good investment? Chalking my back pain up to Eliza’s perpendicular sleeping positioning, the shih-tzu poodle curled up on my pillow, and you know, the joys of getting older. 6:55 am –...

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A Day in the Life of a Working Mother: Jillian

So, the last time I did an “A Day in the Life” blog for CTWorkingMoms, my son was 2 and I was 8 months pregnant. That was 2012. Now, my daughter is about to turn 5 and my son is 7 going on 8. Time sure does fly! At that point, I entitled my post, “A Day in the Life: Always on the Move.” Not much has changed in terms of busyness, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Although my days fluctuate, and no two days are ever exactly the same, here goes: 4:30 AM: Our new...

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A Day in the Life of a Working Mother: Emily

5:30 am: First alarm. 5:35: Second alarm. 5:40: Third alarm.  My phone flashes a message I programmed: GET UP YOU ARE RUNNING LATE.  I roll over and enjoy the warmth of my three-year-old for ten more seconds.  She’s been in bed with me for a week, as little sister’s transition to their shared room hasn’t been great.  Our months-long game of musical bedrooms continues. 5:52 am: After sufficient procrastination, I jump in the shower.  I decide I’ll be super quick to make up for the lost time, but once I’m in there I never want to leave.  I slap on...

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A Trans-Parent Day

There are certain universal truths to parenting. You’ll never love someone else as strongly or as deeply. You’ll never lose as much sleep. Gross bodily functions will lose their “squick” impact through repeated exposure. But they’re still gross. Hugs from your kids will never go out of style. Some parenting experiences are specific to a family’s situation. There are a lot of things I never imagined needing to think about before we became parents to Rose. Last Friday is a case in point. A Day In the Life of Rose 8am-Noon The girls had the day off school for a professional development day. They got to sleep in, watch TV, play video games, and stay in their pajamas for a few hours. An excellent start to a day off. The vibe was relaxed and they were having a good time. Noon-2pm Come lunchtime, I burst Rose’s bubble. I reminded the girls that they had their annual physicals that afternoon. We had two hours to eat, get dressed, and head over. I sat down on the couch next to Rose and walked through a script of what she could expect at the physical. The nurse would take her height and weight measurements. She’ll take her shoes off for that part. She’ll get one shot, part of the vaccine series she’s working on. No big deal, needles don’t phase Rose. The...

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A (First Half of a) Day in the Life of a Working Mother: Molly

1:00 AM – Wake up to baby’s crying. She is back asleep by the time I get to the crib. Surely she’ll get back up. I lie down while I wait for her to get up for her typical night feeding but… 5:30 AM – Wake up to baby’s sounds. Can’t believe she slept through the night! Woohoo!!!!! This has happened a few times. Last night she went to sleep later than usual and it seems like if I really tire her out she will skip her night feed. 6:00 AM – Wife gets me out of bed to...

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The DITL Challenge

I’ve done this before. The Day In the Life Of a Working Mom challenge. You take pictures or write down everything you do in a single day. If you’re a new family, this often leads to revelations about the balance you and your partner have in household chores and a new appreciation for the wild ride parenting has sent you on. Cuteness of the newest family member is also a factor, and pets may come into play. The DITL challenge with older kids holds fewer revelations, but is still fun for me. It’s a snapshot into a busy time in our lives, with kids who are going to be going off and doing their own things sooner than I’m ready for. I imagine that this picture of our lives will ring true with many of our readers, as there are some things about this working parent life that are universal. Like multitasking. Case in point, I’m crowded on the couch with both girls while I write this because they’re feeling cuddly, Jurassic Park on in the background, one kid on her phone, another on her laptop, and I’m bouncing back and forth between typing and making dinner for five (our neighbor might be coming over). Folded laundry is piled next to me because I got it clean and sorted, but haven’t put it away yet. My husband is finishing...

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A date with death

I have a date with death: April 3, 2017.  It’s not as ominous as it sounds, though – in fact I think it’s going to be a wonderful day.  This will be my first day as a hospice nurse. Early into my maternity clinical rotation at NYU, I decided I should be a Labor and Delivery RN.  Having assisted in a few uncomplicated deliveries with epidurals on board, clueless as to what the agony of labor felt like, it seemed a fantastic career plan. L+D nursing, at first glance, appeared to be mostly cheerleading with some IV fluids thrown in for good measure....

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A Day in the Life of a Working Mother: Sara

5:25 AM: Alarm goes off. I usually hit the snooze without even waking up. 5:35 AM: Alarm goes off. This time I wake up, hit the snooze, close my eyes, and seriously debate the cleanliness of my hair. I also attempt to visualize the school lunch menu that is pinned to my kitchen bulletin board. Did the girls want lunch today? Or am I making it? Crap. 5:45 AM: Alarm goes off and I haul myself out of bed. I again debate the cleanliness of my hair this time in front of the bathroom mirror while squinting since I...

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