An Ode to the Most Beautiful State of Being

Dosing off. Getting your beauty rest. Catching a power nap. Stealing forty winks. Having some shut-eye. Sleep.   Oh, sleep. How do I express how much I love you? They all warned me “Sleep while you can!” and “Enjoy your last nights of sleep!” as they laughed, delighting in their schadenfraude. I rolled my eyes, knowing that of course I would get less sleep after the baby arrived and that it was impossible to stock up on this priceless commodity so there was no point in trying. If only there were a way to save you up, dear sleep,...

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Be Close.

If you are one of the few people that regularly read my posts (Hi Mom!) you may have noticed I haven’t written anything in a while.  I’ve started a million times, yet all I could do was come up with was a bunch of complaints.  Complaints about the difficulties of co-parenting, the first holiday season post-divorce, the (non)sleeping habits of both my kids, the fact that I’ve been spending most of my free time on my couch stress eating and not running, my seasonal affective disorder in full swing, you name it.  But every time I started to write...

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Christmas with my Children: Madness vs. Magic

I’m one of those people who secretly doesn’t mind when stores start decorating for Christmas right after Halloween. I LOVE Christmas. The reasons are rooted in my childhood, my Faith and are now bursting at the seams with my husband and five children. We start celebrating the day after Thanksgiving when the tree and decorations go up. Truth be told, it can be a roller coaster ride to get to Christmas in one piece when the excitement can so quickly turn to impatience. I only have 6.5 years of parenting under my belt, so I will not pretend to be...

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“Your Son Kisses Too Much On The Mouth” and Other Toddler Daycare Problems

Before I brought my son to daycare, I had one worry: will they kiss him there? Of course I wanted him to feel loved all day while I was at work, but the germs! I couldn’t stomach the thought of strangers kissing my baby. I lived, I learned. My son is now 3. I laugh in the face of the latest ‘coxsackie is currently in your classroom’ notice. I no longer throw my kid in the bathtub the second we walk in the door from daycare. His grimy, little paws are the least of my mommy worries. I’ve been...

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Life, Oy!

Life, it sure has a way of slapping you in the face on a random Wednesday. Let me set the scene for you. I was a hot mess, lying in bed because I was home sick with a terrible stomach ache, and the phone rang. The number did not look familiar so I ignored it. A voicemail popped up on the screen, and I thought, “crap someone actually wants to talk to me enough that they left a voicemail.” Didn’t they realize I was sick and trying to be a hermit? Reluctantly I listened to the voicemail and a large pit developed in my stomach when the school guidance counselor asked that I call to talk to her about my foster son. I did as I was asked and called her back. In the end, inappropriate things were written on his paper and she wanted me to speak to him about his behavior in class. I went into total “beast mode.” I hashed out my plan. No electronics, grounded for the weekend, reading a book to educate himself about the words written on the paper. I was annoyed. How dare he interrupt my sick day with this?! A few texts were exchanged pertaining to the situation, and that night I explained to him why I was mad and what the consequences for his actions would be. He took it...

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It starts innocently enough.  Full of good intentions to make the holidays special and memorable.  I make a few lists.  Click thru my favorite shopping websites.  It’s only November.  I have time.  Theoretically speaking anyway… Before it’s too late to unsubscribe, my daily email intake doubles and then triples.  I am swimming in emails that ARE SCREAMING AT ME and can’t locate the ones that actually require replies.  Breathing while browsing becomes challenging.  I wake up in a cold sweat grabbing for my phone and trying to recall if I remembered to add the cuddliest Snow White doll and latest Lego...

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Be Charitable

Hello Lovely Readers! So fall has flown by and we are hurtling into the holiday season. Here at CT Working Moms, our writers spent the month of November reflecting on and writing about the idea of thankfulness.  As we move into December, we turn our thoughts to the needs of others. Today is Giving Tuesday, a day to reflect on others in our community who may need our help.  For more information on this global initiative click here. The writers at CT Working Moms have gathered a list of local charities and other  community agencies that are close to...

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Thanksgiving with kids is brutal

I am WRECKED.  I wish I meant that in the sense of having been out drinking and being fabulous, but in reality, I’m a mom who has recently survived a major holiday with two kids.  The crazy thing is that we basically had a really lovely time!  There were ten of us at my brother’s house in upstate New York.  We all have similar taste in movies and political candidates, and we all ACTUALLY like each other.  And I was only in charge of bringing wine and a vegetable.  It should have been the least stressful Thanksgiving in history!...

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Crazy grateful

Each Thanksgiving, I take inventory of the things I am grateful for.   While I am never more or less appreciative, one year to the next, there are times where events like births or deaths act as glowing reminders of all that we are blessed with (and, more soberingly, how quickly those things may be lost). This is one of those epically humbling years. My daily life is rich with moments to savor.  Every morning, I am reminded by my beaming, footie pajama-clad alarm clock how very lucky I am to be the mommy of a darling little boy.  Every opportunity...

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Unofficial Rules In My House

My home is a rather informal and relaxed place. My husband and I are pretty flexible and lenient parents and we have made our home a place where the kids can be safe and stress free. We have lazy days and sloppy moments and often eat the wrong foods. We have no chore list, no family meetings, and no displayed “house rules”. Home for us is a place to just…be. Recently I’ve begun to question this parenting style since my girls are getting older. My thirteen-year-old comes home with stories of her friends being “punished” for breaking a house...

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