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Are your kids doing chores? Mine… don’t really. I mean, they both want to “help” me do everything. Like, everything. EVERY. THING. OMG, GIVE ME A MINUTE. But, as far as legit daily or weekly chores, they don’t have any. And you know what? I think it’s time they do.

They are almost three and almost five. Is three old enough to make a bed? I’m not talking hospital corners, but more like pulling up her comforter and putting her pillows where they go. That’s doable, right? I want to make sure I’m setting reasonable expectations for each of them.

My plan is as follows. Please feel free to critique as I am in no way an expert or have really any idea at all what I’m doing. At all.


  • make bed
  • put dirty clothes in laundry baskets
  • hang jackets and backpacks

Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Disneyworld

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10. Flying with a recently turned 3-year-old is WAY better than flying with a recently turned 2-year-old.  OMG, Seriously. Last year my kid screamed until she puked and kicked neighboring passengers for 5 hours straight. This year? Sat like a little dream baby watching Frozen and sucking her lollipop (so what if it was 8am?? WHATEVER WORKS PEOPLE). I could have saved myself a LOT of night sweats knowing that I wasn’t, in fact, voluntarily heading back into the lion’s den.


9. No one cares what you wear.  Crocs (not the cute kind), fanny packs, and brightly colored over-sized cartoon t-shirts abound at Disney! Think people will be giving your yoga pants the side-eye? Nope! You’re good.

8. It’s not that much walking.  Yeah, it’s a lot, but not really *that* much.  Certainly not enough to work off the 3 desserts and 2 cocktails daily. (Don’t ask me how I know)

Mother’s Day Kindness Challenge!

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Mother’s Day will be the one-year anniversary of the first time I ever encouraged my daughter engage in random acts of kindness. We picked up a bunch of carnations at the store and went to our local playground and she happily handed single flowers the moms we encountered. It was awesome to see how happy this simple act made people and I felt really good teaching her about the importance of kindness.

I love doing random acts of kindness any time of the year but doing something around Mother’s Day feels extra special to me. I like the idea of celebrating moms (because MOMS ROCK!) and I like thinking about the day as something that’s not just for me, as one individual mom, but a day for all of us.

Memorable Car Trips with my Toddlers

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Thanksgiving was always the holiday that we drove from CT to northern NJ to spend time with my parents. It was a three-hour trip in those days and with the three girls it was even a longer journey of “Are we there yet? “ and “I have to go to the potty!” and a few other gems that made the trip unusually long.

We owned a 1976 Plymouth Volare station wagon in those days. Sort of like an SUV that had been squashed from the top down, and since it was getting on in years when we took this particular trip we always prayed that it would keep running. (As a matter of fact, we did that with a lot of our vehicles!)

My Life With Two Kids

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On February 10th my lovable and snug-able baby boy, Luke, came into this world.  Having had a c-section the first-time around with my daughter, I was hoping for a natural birth.  I envisioned a beautiful drug-free, peaceful birth that would be like this:

rainbows and butterflies
Twenty-six hours of  labor and one epidural later, I eagerly requested opted for a repeat c-section.   It still was a beautiful, empowering birth, but rather than rainbows and butterflies, it was a little more like this:


Despite feeling like a sliced pizza, it was one of the happiest days of my life.   Adding this baby to our family has made life a little more complicated and chaotic, but in a good way (on most days anyway).  It’s good to have balance in our household so my husband doesn’t feel overwhelmed by two demanding women.  Thankfully, our daughter loves her baby brother.  Now if only we can teach her to be a little gentler with him.  This is pretty much how she holds the baby when she gets her little hands on him:

Hitting Reset

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Easter did not go as planned. We went for a really nice family run in the morning, but short fuses got lit and my husband and I visited our respective families — solo. It wasn’t a really big deal, as neither of our small families had anything big planned. He and my daughter went to Granny’s. They came home and she and I went to Grandma’s.

Life just isn’t 100% all the time. I know it’s not supposed to be. But sometimes it stinks when it isn’t. And no family, including this little one, is perfect. Really — we’re a house of people with different moods, expectations, and sometimes even schedules. And I admit, I can definitely take those weekends when things just sail along smoothly — moods, expectations, and aligning schedules — for granted. Sometimes I just think all weekends should go like that or we’re failing as a happy family. After all, we have these two precious days together and we freaking love each other, dammit.

Perfectly Prepared for an Imperfect World

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Life isn’t perfect. This is not a revelation of any sort. While the degree to which we’ve experienced hardships and success may vary from person to person, it’s a fact of life that we have all encountered, and will continue to encounter, successes and struggles in every part of our lives. So how is it possible that some are able to take these highs and lows seemingly in stride while others aren’t? The key is resiliency.

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