“And Now for Something Completely Different”: Working Moms In the Age of Online Entrepreneurship

Big, big changes are happening in the Dunn household this spring. It’s best not to dump those details here, but the essential points are: (1) I’m going to be severely limited in my ability to work with my special education law clients this year, but (2) there’s a burgeoning business opportunity I will be able to harness this summer if I play my cards right. As you might have guessed from the title of this post, the key is to shift my time and energy away from in-person interactions to online communication. But just as importantly, I need to move away from work that requires active case management, and toward projects that are more short-term, focused on products rather than service delivery, and involve more automation and routine than the unwieldy world of special education law and advocacy. That’s right.  In 2017, I’ll be ramping up my fashion resale hobby into a real business, while scaling back on lawyering. The circumstances that heralded this change are not new ones. Parents in the post-industrial age, and mothers in particular, have consistently struggled to delineate and refine their roles and responsibilities as the needs of their families evolve throughout the various stages of childhood/parenthood. That’s why we have entire blogs like this one, which over time have transmogrified vague musings like “having it all” and “work-life balance” into the familiar, endless bleating we now hear...

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Triangles Everywhere

A common inquiry in “only child” Facebook groups is about where other members are from, as lonely posters hope to make a local connection with the same family dynamic. I know well that it can seem as if every other family out there is a four-or more, as I was once in the same spot. But as my own outlook changed and I began to appreciate the triangle that is our family, not only did I start to see the less positive aspects of “squares,” I also began seeing lots of other triangles. And now, a few years later,...

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As a mom, sometimes you HAVE to come FIRST

I’m going to preface this by saying I hate to run. I find nothing relaxing about it and in fact find it to be more of a chore than anything else. But I have goals and somehow (much to my dismay) running plays a part in the end goal. Let me explain. In 2014 a group of friends and I decided that for some reason it would be “fun” to run Rugged Maniac (a 5k, 26 obstacle course). I have no idea WHY we thought it would be fun and some days I think we still need our heads checked (especially as we were seeing the injured walking out as we’re walking in about to start the course!). Sure, I’ve never run a 5k so why not add obstacles to the course?! We “kind of” trained – mainly hitting the track and working up to intervals of running. We were so NOT prepared for that course. But had a blast anyway. What made it such a great accomplishment for me wasn’t just the fact that it was a 5k. It was the fact that I pushed myself WAAAAAAAAAAAY out of my comfort zone and climbed up walls (did I mention I am terrified of heights?), jumped over fire, crawled under barbed wire – IN MUD!, etc. Fast forward to 2015 and add in a few more (non-obstacle course) 5k’s...

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Five Things I Love About Winter

My last post focused on why winter is simply not for me. I actually used the word “hate”…in the title.  You can read it here if you need a reminder of how awful this season is for me. Luckily many friends of mine read my miserable post and offered up some good ways to get through the season and some reminded me that there are a few things about winter that aren’t so bad. Today is Valentine’s Day and while I wish it were Easter Day…or Memorial Day…at least it’s a day, stuck in the middle of this cold,...

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Doing this motherhood thing all wrong

I used to wonder how two siblings who grew up in the same household with the same parents could experience their childhood so differently … until I gave birth to my youngest son, Dominic. Although he joined our family only two and half years after my oldest was born, I was quickly struck by what a different mother I was to him. You see, with my first, I did everything “right.” I always dressed him in the cutest matching outfits.  I knew everything that happened to him.  I followed all of the advice from parenting books.  There was no...

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A Toddler Mom’s Snow Day

I am a teacher which means in the winter I often get the luxury of snow delays, dismissals and the ever-popular snow day. This winter we got away with mostly delays and only two snow days (a true miracle) and I am looking forward to an early summer. But, you know, it’s hard not to get excited when you get a text in the morning that says, No School Today. Even though I am in my thirties, I still get that snow day excitement of hot chocolate and extra tv and sleep. That is until I realize that I...

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The Most Dangerous Month

December is known as a dangerous month. Around the holidays, sometimes just dealing with family is enough to send a person over the edge. We’ve also become aware that folks who are alone, who have suffered losses, who are struggling are at risk of suicide during the holidays. That feeling of loss and separation set against the backdrop of celebration and family time can be insurmountable. Now there are public service announcements, suicide prevention lines, and community events set up to prevent the worst of the December damage. January is known as a dark winter month. I know I put in extra effort to spend time with family and friends in the month of January to combat the winter blues and the impact of those holiday bills rolling in. After New Year’s, we always make a point of hosting some kind of quirky, community focused party at our house. One year it was a mass Capricorn birthday party for ourselves and all our friends born under the hybrid zodiac sign. Another year it was a potluck sandwich party themed after the comic strip character Dagwood and his insane, five foot tall sandwiches. But February — February sneaks in under my radar every year and throws me for a loop. February is still dark and cold, with teasing glimpses of the spring to come. Not enough to lift me into...

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Comfort & Hope

Last week I had the wind knocked out of me when I learned of a childhood friend’s shocking and tragic passing.  I’m stuck in the memories of his unique and hilarious personality.  Catholic school crushes.    Soccer sideline shenanigans.  High school honors classes.  His ever present and sweet parents.  His lovely sister, a teammate of mine.  Instant heartbreak. When a piece of the tapestry of your life is torn it’s easy to dwell in that empty space.  Life keeps moving which seems cruel and unnatural.  This death was an unwelcome reminder for me to enjoy today.  THIS IS THE GOOD STUFF.  And...

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Parenting Through the Bigotry

This fall, my son came home saying things–political things, that he had heard at school. The things he was saying were complicated and required conversation. A canned response that ‘people have the freedom to vote for whomever they choose’ just wouldn’t suffice. On one occasion, my son asked if a candidate was a liar, and on another, he told me that Muslims are evil. My son is seven. As the election season wore on, and post-election, my son heard me saying things as well, things that before this year I never would have imagined saying in front of my children. But, at times, my emotions were raw and it was hard to shield them from how I felt. I want to raise my children to think for themselves and to recognize the beauty in a country where one is free to think and act independently. That said, I also want to raise my children to be fair and to treat all people with respect. This election and it’s result made that challenging to balance. Our conversations have become deep, deeper than I was ready for. But, that is parenting after all, constantly being pushed outside your comfort zone to adapt to your child’s development. I try to relate what are incredibly complex topics–racism, sexism, xenophobia, to his everyday life. I speak about rules, instead of laws. I talk about his observations with friends...

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The day my PPD came full circle

Upstairs in my bedroom behind the always-open closet door sits one of my prized possessions.  It is an art print on canvas of a mother nursing a baby.  This thing has been through a lot – I would venture to call it “weathered.”  Over-stretched, it looks like a pair of wrinkled khakis under the glass.  There is a large water stain at the bottom that suggests it survived a flood.  Still, the print is stunning, and subject is something very near and dear to my heart. But that’s not the whole reason that this thing is so special to...

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